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Programs Targeting Teachers and Students: Grades K – 12


Single Subject Credential Program is offered in Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, and Physics, and provide practicing teachers (K-12) with the opportunity for post-graduate work through the Master of Arts in Teaching Science (MAT-S).   Contact: Vikki Costa, Science Education

Subject Matter Preparation Programs are offered in Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, and Physics as well as those pursuing a Multiple Subject Teaching Credential with an emphasis in science through the Minor in Natural Science. Contact: Vikki Costa, Science Education

Future Teachers Program is a collaboration of Secondary Education, the Science Education Program and Project Tomorrow. This program provides CSU-eligible high school juniors and seniors participating in the Project Tomorrow Science Docent Program. With a 3-unit course, SCED 110.  The Teaching Experience: Exploration. Contact: Vikki Costa, Science Education

Collaboration for Excellence in Middle School Science is a collaboration with Anaheim Union High School District, Orange County Department of Education, and other districts to improve teaching and learning middle school science.  Contact: Vikki Costa, Science Education
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry:
 The Chemistry Department is involved with providing teacher support through the American Chemical Society Conferences and Workshops, as well as working individually with teachers from surrounding districts.  Contact:  Mark Filowitz or Barbara Gonzalez, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Department of Geological Sciences:

Project WEST (Workshop for Earth Science Teachers) is funded by the Anaheim Union High School District.  Lead by Galen R. Carlson and assisted by Suzanne Bowers of Buena Park High School, this project provides five full day workshops during summer of '07 followed up by 4 full day workshops. Contact: Galen Carlson, Geological Sciences

Project FIST (Field Investigations for Science Teachers) is funded by AUHSD and CESME to provide an eight-day field trip for AUHSD teachers, MATS students/teachers, and two CSUF geology majors who will become teachers.  Contact: Galen Carlson, Geological Sciences
Department of Physics:
 The department is involved with providing support for teachers, through research and curriculum development. Contact: Murtadha Khakoo or Michael Loverude, Physics
Mathematics Department:

Master of Arts in Mathematics Teaching Emphasis is a content-based program oriented for those planning to teach at the high school or community college levels.  This program also serves as an excellent background for the doctoral degree in mathematics education. Contact: Marty Bonsangue or Armando Martinez-Cruz, Mathematics

American Mathematics Competitions (AMC), a national program for students in grades 8-12, is designed to inspire them to have fun doing math and to participate in friendly competitions.  Contact: Scott Annin, Mathematics
Mathematics Intensive Summer Session (MISS) serves approximately 32 high school girls each summer for one month, 6 hours per day.  The program is designed to advance the skills and participation of young women in high school mathematics courses. Contact: David Pagni, Mathematics

Teachers Assisting Student to Excel in Learning Mathematics (TASEL-M) involves faculty from the Mathematics Department who work with 130 secondary school mathematics teachers, and the principals of four high schools, seven middle schools, and three continuation high schools to improve the teaching and learning of mathematics.  Contact: David Pagni, Mathematics
Mathematics Diagnostic Testing Project (MDTP) serves secondary schools in our area through the offering of workshops and provision of free diagnostic testing.  Contact: David Pagni, Mathematics

Orange County Mathematics Project at Fullerton, funded by the California Mathematics Project, consists of two one-week components serving fifth and sixth grade teachers.  The focus of the first week is on content, specifically, proportional reasoning, patterns and justification.  The focus of the second week is on implementing a curriculum that addresses individual student needs based on data analysis, trends, and anomalies, addressing areas of strength and weakness of student achievement as determined by results of the CST. Contact: Margaret Kidd, Mathematics

Early Assessment Program provides opportunities for students to measure their readiness for college-level English and mathematics in their junior year of high school, and to facilitate opportunities for them to improve their skills during their senior year. Contact: Marty Bonsangue, Mathematics

Project ExCEL, in partnership with the Fullerton School District, is a project that aims to strengthen mathematics teaching and learning at the 5-8 grade levels. Contact: Marty Bonsangue, Mathematics

Santa Ana/Fullerton Mathematics Scholarship supports students who graduate from the Santa Ana Unified School District and come to California State University, Fullerton as mathematics major intent on receiving a teaching credential.  Students receive $300.00 a year while they are receiving their bachelor’s degree. Contact: David Pagni, Mathematics

OCMPF (Orange County Math Project, Fullerton) sponsors a Summer Workshop for Math Content and an Institute for planning and further developing PLCs.  Saturday follow up sessions are offered monthly throughout the school year.  This project targets fifth and sixth grade teachers from low performing schools in Orange County.  Contact: David Pagni or Margaret Kidd, Mathematics

DCMI (Developing Communities of Mathematical Investigations) is a California Math Science Project that includes an intense summer institute, as well as follow up program in-class coaching to strengthen the content knowledge of fifth-thru Algebra mathematics teachers.  Contact: Lauren Vu-Tran or Margaret Kidd, Mathematics, Andrea Guillaume, Elementary and Bilingual Education
Department of Secondary Education:

Foundational Level Mathematics Teaching Credential Program supports students in becoming teachers of middle school and high school mathematics (through advanced algebra).  There is an emphasis on strategies that make mathematics accessible to all learners and on using multiple representations to help students to make connections among mathematics concepts and skills.  Contact: Mark Ellis, Secondary Education

Masters of Secondary Education with an emphasis in Teaching Foundational Mathematics (MSE-TFM) is a 20-month program offered in collaboration with the CSUF Department of Mathematics and is designed for experienced teachers of mathematics in grade 4 - geometry. The program supports teachers in building on their knowledge of both mathematics content and mathematics education.  Reflective of the College of Education’s Mission Statement, throughout the coursework there is a strong emphasis on issues of equity in public schooling and teachers’ role in becoming change agents in their workplaces.  Contact: Mark Ellis, Secondary Education
Department of Elementary and Bilingual Education:

Masters of Science in Education with a concentration in Elementary Curriculum and Instruction  offered by the Department of Elementary and Bilingual Education, offers a Math/Science emphasis. Contact: Kim Norman, Elementary & Bilingual Education

The Teacher Recruitment Project assists Multiple Subject candidates and holders in obtaining a Single Subject Credential in math or science. Students are provided with advisement and financial support. The project also supports the Future Teachers Program, which provides participating CSU-eligible high school juniors and seniors with a 3-unit university course at their high school sites. Contact: Ruth Yopp-Edwards, Elementary & Bilingual Education
Department of Special Education:
On Track to Teaching is a grant supported scholarship designed to pay up to $5000 in tuition for candidates wishing to teach special education, math or science in Santa Ana Unified School District.  Contact:  Belinda Karge,  Special Education
The College of Natural Science and Mathematics at California State University, Fullerton, continues to pursue new ways to better serve the teachers and students at all levels in the surrounding communities.

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